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The official reference turnaround compared to my 3d model. My goal for this project was to poly-model a stylized, semi-realistic bust of Brock Samson from the cartoon The Venture Bros. without sculpting.

official turnaround reference.

Finished model

The procedural skin and hair materials I created. For the skin shader, I used this material in combonation with an additional 2k texture maps used for the yellow/red/blue hue undertones used in his face.

A wire frame of Brock to visibly show the edgeflow and loop cuts. He’s modeled to be ready for a full facial rig. His total poly count is sitting around 45k after applying subdivision modifiers.

A timelapse of the poly-model method I used to create this bust.

Brock Samson Bust

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Reference stills from the FMV at the begining of Sonic CD compared to my 3d model of the Toei/Junio version of Sonic the Hedgehog. This is a personal project with the goal to see if I could recreate the beautiful opening animated intro to Sonic CD using blender.

A 3D view of my Sonic the Hedgehog model hosted on SketchFab.

Testing the model in an environment to see if I could capture a feeling of speed.

A wire frame of the action scene. Current total poly count for this Sonic model is sitting around 115k with future plans that would halve the poly count.

Timelapse of the creation of my Sonic the Hedgehog model.

A brief reveal of the model that mimics the hand drawn animation fps.

A second reveal that better shows the dimension of the scene.

3D Sonic The Hedgehog

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Solution City

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Sloth Tee

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Retro Futurism

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Illustrations & Animations

Eric Paul Haines

Boulder, CO · erichaines3d@gmail.com

About Me

A 3D Artist specializing in stylish character design with a history working in animation & graphic design and has a real passion for telling stories.



2D/3D Artist

Research and design characters based on the clients spec. for films and games.

Model characters minding poly limits, animation requirements, and LOD requirements.

Retopologize models.

Create materials and texture characters.

2019 - Current

Pinsight Media

Graphic Designer II

Create various pieces of collateral including email templates, pamphlets, websites, video production, music composition, vector/tween animation, UX and UI for our internal portal, and more.

2011 - 2019


Blender Substance Painter Quixel

Affinity Suite Adobe Suite Procreate