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An example of a multi-page created for a conference that illustrates how I would lay out text-heavy collateral while adhering to brand guidelines and bleed marks. Click the image or click here to view the full presentation.

This is an example PowerPoint presentation that demonstrates my attention to detail and my dedication to upholding brand guidelines. Click the image or click here to view the full presentation.

Logos created for a few Pinsight Media+ products. Each logo was to be a derivative of the Pinsight logo and adhere to the brand guidelines while giving them their own personalities.

A one-pager for Pinsight Media's Pinnacle DMP product.

This is a collection of videos and music I created for Pinsight Media+ used for internal use, various presentations, conferences, and summits.

Pinsight Media+

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Patrick Mahomes, KC Chief's quarterback. The idea for this design was to illustrate Mahomes G.O.A.T. status with a sort of tattoo design.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire, KC Chief's running back. I was asked to create a transition from a horse into Clyde, the Clydesdale. It's a subtle nod to the Animorphs book series.

I was asked to merge an illustrated arrow with a silhouette of KC. My solution was to use the city as a speed trail to make the arrow look like it's being shot up into the sky.

KC Clothing CO

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I was asked to update the logo for BeWrit to add some personality, keep the red theme, and give a more hand-signed/crafted feel to it.

Logo variations and icon.


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Sloth Tee

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It was the style at the time to fawn over how cute cold and grumpy Bernie Sanders looked with his mittens, and I wanted to capture the moment in an illustration.

This is an animated intro I created for my and a friend's let's-play channel. The goal was to capture our goofy personalities, introduce ourselves, and have clear game references (found in the background) all crammed into 7 seconds.

Stephen asked me to recreate an image of himself in the style of the Rage Against the Machine album cover for Evil Empire.

Nathan Barnatt was creating a let's-play channel and asked me to animate the intro video. This was my first ever pixel animation. The channel never launched, sadly, but I'm proud of my work.

Illustrations & Animations

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My latest version of Sonic (January 2023). This is a personal project with the goal to see if I could recreate the beautiful opening animated intro to Sonic CD using blender.

Breakdown of my latest Sonic showing his rig, materials, and wireframe. Triangle count: 47,000.

Texture map for Sonic. Other than his mouth and eyes, I squared my UV's to allow me to add inner lines on sonic to minimize detail pixelation (the Guilty Gear UV method).

A 3D view of my original version (May 2021) of Sonic the Hedgehog hosted on SketchFab.

Testing the model in an environment to see if I could capture a feeling of speed.

A wire frame of the action scene. Current total poly count for this Sonic model is sitting around 115k with future plans that would halve the poly count.

Timelapse of the creation of my Sonic the Hedgehog model.

A brief reveal of the model that mimics the hand drawn animation fps.

A second reveal that better shows the dimension of the scene.

3D Sonic The Hedgehog

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Solution City

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Retro Futurism

Eric Paul Haines

Lawrence, KS · ehaines99@gmail.com

About Me

A Graphic Designer with over 8 years of professional experience crafting logos, websites, creating design guidelines, editing videos, and more. Self-motivated and a great communicator, capable of leading design projects and juggling multiple deadlines. I want to help save your team from bad design.




Graphic Design

Create logo designs, photo manipulation, web design, and more

Schedule and execute plans for multiple design clients

Seak and maintain client relationships

communicate with clients regularly on updates

2019 - Current

Pinsight Media

Graphic Designer II

Create various pieces of collateral including email templates, pamphlets, websites, video production, music composition, vector/tween animation, UX and UI for our internal portal, and more.

Collaborate with the graphics team and lead on certain projects assigned to me as the expert on specific duties

Assist the marketing team and developers to help form ideas for projects or to help shape existing ideas

2011 - 2019


Affinity Photo Affinity Designer Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Animate Adobe Premiere Adobe After Effects Adobe Audition DaVinci Resolve Procreate